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FrequentlyAsked Questions


How do the Kustom Bras stay on? Padded, soft bendable aluminum tabs that are sewn to the bra. In addition to the tabs. Some models have elastic straps that are attached underneath the hood.


Where does the snap go? If your bra requires the usage of a snap, it goes on the underside of the fender roll/fender lip. You’ll need to drill a small home & screw in a 3/8” screw stud. The female side is on the bra. Simply snap together. Note: Only 1 dozen bras require the usage of snaps.


Do I have another option if I don’t want to drill a hole for a snap? Yes. Velcro tab is the other option. The fuzzy side is sewn to the tab which you’ll bend around the fender. We provide you with the other side. You need to clean the underneath side of your fender, add some adhesive & Velcro together.


Do Velcro tabs hold well? The general feedback we’ve received is: Yes. Generally though, after severe weather & time, you’ll have to get some more of the Velcro that goes under the fender.